February - 2019

Planned features

  • Simplified layout for dashboards (user, project, program and customer)
  • Usability improvements for competencies
  • Improvements in integration variety
  • Configuring personal preferences on different views made easier to understand
  • Project progress graph is getting slight facelift

Simplified layout for dashboards

Dashboards are now similar to each other and more built together. 

All information is now tied together to their own columns.

Multiple smaller improvements on usability with competencies

Including searching competencies, selecting them and also visualizing available options

Project progress graph got a facelift

Actual and future hours are now shown with bars instead of lines. Idea is that they no fill the available time together instead of just being one line among others.

January - 2019

New features

  • Brighter colors on allocations
  • Bundling action buttons
  • Resourcing requests
  • Project and people listings
  • Project progress numbers
  • System modules
  • Usability improvements
  • Bug fixes

Brighter colors on allocations and graphs



Bundling actions closer to the information they actually affect

Resourcing requests

Resourcing requests are a formal way of requesting people for your projects. You can create requests from the top menu and there is a specific listing view where you can manage requests and view statistics about the overall handling time of the request. This feature can be activated alongside "soft booking" within system settings in the Admin section.

Project progress numbers

Progress numbers on project dashboard got new visuals. There is now multiple graphs per box and they are highlighted with different colors representing different situations. The numbers itself are exactly the same.