With our manual import options, it is possible to import the basic project data to Silverbucket for example in the beginning of a Silverbucket trial. There are two import excels: a simple option for quick import and advanced for more profound import. Please note that the data needs to imitate the form of the data in the sample excel.

Check the attachments (in the end) for importing:

Excel for simple import: Silverbucket_evaluation_import

Excel for advanced import: Silverbucket_advanced_import 

If you have any questions regarding the import excels, please contact our support team (support@silverbucket.com, tel. +358 40 635 9790) for assistance. 

How to upload the import excel

The import excel is uploaded to Silverbucket to be fully imported. After you have uploaded the excel, our support team will validate the excel and import the data. If the integration options are not visible to you, please contact our support team (support@silverbucket.com). 

When you are ready to upload your import excel, please go to SYNC which is found from the ellipsis icon:

Choose "send_excel" integration and drop or add the import excel you have filled. Remember to click "upload" to finish your action!

You will be informed through email when the data has been imported to your Silverbucket environment.