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How to create a new project

There are two different ways to create new projects in Silverbucket. One way is to click Projects on the top navigation bar which will open a dropdown list and show “add a project”. The other way is found on the Projects pages. Add new projects by clicking the black plus sign on the right corner.

A popup window will open up and you need to fill at least three fields in order to create a project: project’s name, customer and project manager. When you have filled all the necessary information you can create the project. By clicking save, you will be directed to the project's dashboard. If you choose “save and stay on this site”, you stay at the page you are currently working on. 

After creating a new project, you can add multiple additional project information at the project's dashboard, such as start and end date, budget (income & hour), project tags, probability (prospect projects), a project description and so on.

How to delete double projects (found twice in the system)

Before doing any quick actions, think first if you want to just purely delete or inactivate the extra project(s) and its content or do you want to move all allocations and resources to the right project?

If you want to inactivate or delete the extra project and not move its allocations, then go the project's dashboard and click project status. Choose "Archived" and reassure that you want to inactivate the project.

If you want to merge the extra project with the 'right' project, go to the action row on the project's dashboard and click "Merge to another project". Choose the project that will be the final existing project. Merging will move the allocations and resources of the extra project. If the merge action is not available for you, contact your organization's main Silverbucket user.

Right project type

The project type can be set from the project dashboard.  As a reminder, absence projects reflect holidays, non invoiceable projects mean other than project work, such as meetings and trainings, and invoiceable projects stand for the actual project work.

How to change project manager

If you want to change the project manager of a project, then go to the project's dashboard and check that you have the "basic info" tab open. Then view the basic info box and click the term 'Project manager' in order to get a list of people. After that just find the new project manager and click his/her name. Voilà! You have a new project manager in the project.